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I have a XCW and GEEK hit the nail on e head with his reasons to get a XCW over a EXC.

Doing the math it's cheaper to get a XCW and get it street legal rather than than to buy a EXC. Plus everyone the starts stripping stuff off the EXC's

Next I see here in the assylum the EXC guys start getting into mapping questions.

While I can't speak for anyone else but my XCW runs like a top. No messing with mapping here.

The only performance thing I did was the FULL AKRA TITANIUM exhaust front to back. It's the A&P in me that made me do it, plus it makes mechanical sense on several levels.

I just about have my own version of headlights done mechanically speaking anyway. I am still in the air about the "nose cone" weather do aluminum, fiberglass or none at all. Right now it kinda looks MAD MAX'ish.

They are definitely different from baja design's and Harcus. They have great stuff I just , I don't know what I am trying to say.

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