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Originally Posted by SkiBumBrian View Post
Jeffery, The thing about the military auctions is you never know what you are going to get, I guess that is the same with any used motor. My engine was fine and all looked pristine, I just wanna see what I can eek out of a KLR. After break in I am gonna try to fit a Lectron carb..... It aint been cheap but what the hell? 3 days labor to do what, total disassembly? I agree, if you have bottom end problems a swap is the best bet but top end can be done in 4 hrs. I am well into 4 digits in parts and machine work on the top end. How fast do you want to spend ????
Yea, I'm a complete virgin with a motor tear down and have 3hrs into the tear down. All parts bagged and tagged. I figure reassembly should take twice as long and the engine will have more cc's and power with smoother operation. Now if the military engine was a diesel, that is a different story. Me likes....
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