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Digging in...

Caked in oxidization and coated in leaves and spiderwebs, the old girl wasn't giving me much reason for optimism about the state of things inside the motor. But, there was pretty decent compression and no funny noises when turning it over, so, hard to tell. Pulling the heads and barrels off revealed some nice surprises:

Obviously someone had done some work not too long before parking it. Bores looked relatively clean as well, hardly any blow-by around the rings, plugs were clean. Top end and rod bearings felt okay to the touch, even the main bearings seemed to be rolling smoothly. She's coming apart anyway, but it sure feels and looks like someone tried to give the old girl some love once upon a distant past.

Piston says 50 on top of it. Does this mean it's on the second oversize? Gonna have to get a manual here one of these days...:

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