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Finished the TTR up this weekend and got in a little more saddle time. First up was the exhaust tip/spark arrestor, I was concerned that it might not fit, as it was catalogued for the TTR 230 only, but it measured out correctly and I took a chance and ordered it. I was pleased to find it was a direct bolt on.



So then I moved on to the bark busters. I'm not sure what the current name for these are, that is just what I remember calling them a few decades ago. Anyway, I had a pair of these that have been hanging in the shop for a long time, if I remember correctly they were purchased at a garage sale about ten years ago. With some persuasive bending, I finally got the first side on and discovered that the ball-end on the lever was hanging up;

With a little cutting and grinding, the ball-end levers were converted to blades and the fit was much better;

The process was repeated for the right hand side and then it was time for a test ride to see how all of the little modifications added up. The temperature was about 36 degrees, so I took off for a short ride up the hill and within about 5 miles my hands were getting pretty cold so I came home. The next morning I was determined to go out and ride a little more, but needed something to protect my hands from the cold. The factory hand guards were a poor fit over the bark busters, so I came up with these low tech wind/rain/snow/rock deflectors made from 1/2 gallon water jugs cut in half, crude but effective;

The second test ride went well and even though it was colder than the day before and the snow was caking on my goggles, my hands stayed much warmer and overall everything seemed to work well. The TTR is definitely more responsive, increasing the airflow really seemed to invigorate the motor and the extra 1/8 throttle pull didn't hurt anything either. Tightening up the rear damping and dropping the front forks helps the bike turn better, but now it wants to stutter the back tire on corner entry, so I'll have to try and find a happy medium on all adjustments. Other than soem fine tuning, all that remains of bike prep will be a pair of grip puppies and a cool retro Yamaha front fender mudflap that is on order.

So...not much left now for this project, other than to ride the TTR as much as possible before the Desert 100, which of course is a build up to the Mexican 1000 on an SL350, and that pretty much brings us back full circle to vintage dirt racing on a 350 Honda twin. Stay tuned.
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