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I finally got my Pirelli front D.O.T MT 43 tire mounted and tested. Before I mounted it I checked the difference between the Dunlop Trials tire and the Pirelli. The first thing I noticed was the carcass was much stiffer on the Pirelli and its a slightly taller tire.I installed a heavy duty tube with the new tire. The second thing I noticed was it took more air pressure to make the heavy duty tube fill the inside of the tire!
I went out training on Friday out at my favorite site, Cougar Buttes. I got warmed up and hit the grand slab with 14 psi in the front and could tell it was a stiffer tire. Now for coming down the slab. I knew the front wasn't going to be as sticky as the Dunlop but to my surprise, it worked very well. I did have a slight slip out coming down but I will chock that up as over agressive on the front brake, tire not fully scrubbed in and a very cold slab!
We burned a full 3 gallons of gas and I'm very happy with the new front shoes. The desert sections were very predictable and I stayed in full control at all times. I aired down to 8psi in the front at the mid part of the day. This may have been too low. I will try 9-10psi next training trip to see how that all works. I think a standard duty tube is the next thing I will try. There were two of us with the Pirelli MT 43 both front and rear and we both say the same thing, for this type of riding the MT 43 is a huge advantage and a great fit!
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