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Originally Posted by danedg View Post
Thanx All for your patience and understandings...

What appears obvious to you guys isn't always to the new guy...

With our fantastic weather I'm gearing up to dive face first into this puppy...

My next step is to pull the cylinders/pistons and replace with them shiny new Gilardonis that are eating a hole in that big box...BUT!

A little birdie (my machinist) , told me a little story of a bike that sat around for years and was rescued. The punch line being... the tranny below the oil line was great. Condensation above the oil level had played hell with bearings,bushings and whatnot. Fresh motor and a lot of other things and Off We Go! for about 30 miles until the tranny locked solid... no one was injured.

This bike looks like a daily runner that got barnparked for 11 New York years before my greasy mitts got ahold of it.
Condensation destroyed the gas tank.
Should I have concerns about the interior rust factor in the tranny and motor? And where do I find a RustOMeter to check levels???
Open the big fill hole in the trans and take a peek. The stuff you can see is above the lube level. Pull the sump off the motor and clean the screen while you're doing the cyls. You'll be able to see everything from the top and bottom.
Life's too short.
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