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Originally Posted by BeeMaa View Post
Like your set up.
Gonna want some report on how it rides with the chair in it.
Good luck.
I thank you, and my test ride with the power chair in place went perfectly also! I had to adjust the pre-load on the sidecar suspension to position 2 of 7 in order to keep things the same with the additional weight, and that is probably where I will leave that set. After adding an actuator to also adjust wheel height on the sidecar (along with controlling lean and while also likely adding some progressive springs on the front end), I should be able to haul the power chair with my wife in its seat whenever we might go someplace where I will need the power chair. Other than that, I will be removing the seat from the power chair and attaching it to the deck for normal use ... and then that seat will be easily removable for giving rides to folks in regular wheel chairs (like someone asked me about at the auto parts store yesterday).

Many thanks to everyone here for all the insight and help I received during my design phase. Apart from that, I never could have done this and have it all come out so very well.

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