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Originally Posted by danedg View Post
Good answer. Thanks!

I was loathe to open a trans that didn't need it. But I'd prefer to not destroy the thing but not making sure beforehand...

You're close enough that I would pull it if it'll give you that piece of mind.
If that rubber boot covering your u-joint is shit,
and you plan on replacing that,
then you're literally a handful of bolts away from pulling the trans.

My old ambo's trans was the first one I ever looked at.
Was apprehensive, but there is not a thing to it.
Just got to get a little creative to keep it in (2nd?) gear when installing it.
New bearings all around cost me $60-80 I think.

However, I'm a let sleeping-dogs-lie guy, except for those chrome cylinders.
If your boot and u-joint are fine,
I probably wouldn't bother except to shine a little light on through the filler whole
and see what's up.
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