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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
No, but something other than the rocky track that seemed to be the same from stage 2 until Peru. I say seemed because from a spectators position, this is what it seemed like to me. Perhaps it's difficult in the relatively populated countries, but I would rather see things trend back to longer, less technical, more varied terrain with an emphasis on navigation rather than what seemed like shorter, more technical, enduro-ish stages of 2012. But this is juts my far away view.

Then again, I always liked the Saharan expanse way more than the early Moroccan stages.

I hear ya

I think they do the best they can given the terrain, that being said it would seem they could have made the days longer for the riders. Freaking Ned kept showing up early and interrupting cocktail hour

I was hoping to see the bikes navigating by cap across the salt flats in Bolivia next year. Oh well, suppose Peru has a bunch more to offer than what was utilized this year.

How many weeks left until Dakar season ?
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