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After only a few hours of sleep, I awake in the scorching sun. I quickly pack my stuff and ride to the ferry back to the mainland, stopping only for a pic at this town's sign.

After a nice ride along the coast I arrive in Jekvik, where I can see the ferry leaving. The journey takes 1.5 hours one way and there's only one ferry going in both directions. Looks like I've got some time on my hands. I climb a small mountain and enjoy the amazing view.

I also find the time to call the owners of the hut where I left my camera. Also, an inmate from Norway gives me some route advices and his whereabout so we can meet later on.

While on the ferry, the captain starts to mumble something into the the mic and everyone gets on the deck.

Apparently, we're crossing the arctic circle.

Nice sunset over the ocean.

I have a good conversation with this nice chap from the Netherlands while on the ferry.

Tonight's campsite is at another beach. Burning skies and the sweeping of the ocean are my entertainment. Who needs a television?

This time I am awoken by the rain dripping on my tent. It rains the whole day, combined with fog and strong winds. The SV has enough and decides to protest by running on one cylinder only. When riding in rain for extended periods, water and dirt seems to find its way around the spark plug and kill it. Too bad I've had this problem before, so I have a spare one with me.
Still, the mechanical beginner I am, it takes me almost 1.5 hours getting the old plug out and the new one in. At least the coffee is free, as the gas station clerk seems to have pity with me working on the bike in the cold rain.

After the storm comes sunshine. Not exactly sunshine, no. Way better! I sit there for half a while absorbing this view.

Another day, another gas station encounter. Motorcycle school.

What frightens me is how riding the bike would feel if the pillon can influence throttle and braking.

Norway has interesting weather. Weather is very local, it is possible to ride through a short tunnel or over a hill and you're changing from winter to summer in five minutes. Makes for some good spectacle in the distance.

But beware of their expensive gas station food! Pretty much every gas station sells fresh burgers and I get hungry every time I enter. Delicious but expensive stuff.

Famous bridge on the Atlantic road.

Waiting for the ferry in the rain to be brought to the other, sunnier side of life.


Freezing cold, I start looking for a hotel. Everything is booked, it's the main season in this touristy region between Trollstigen and Gerianger. I catch the last ferry to Geiranger, where I meet Joe from Switzerland. We find the last room with two beds and decide to share it. He's got some food and I provide us with beer and both enjoy good company. We talk about a lot of stuff, almost anything and everything. Except motorcycles.

Riding together over Geiranger.

Crowded place, lots of buses and cars.

Do you see the road on the left riding up through the cloud? This is torture. Riding this great twisty road through thick fog trapped between cars going no more than 30km/h.

We part ways, Joe riding towards Oslo and me taking the route south. Kjøsnesfjord invites me for a stay.

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