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I'm now looking at a neat Eldo with great patina. I have to assume that it's been badly serviced, generally mistreated and is ready to explode upon ignition after an 11 year hibernation.

I think I just answered the very question I never asked
Don't sweat it. On my 750S, which had been sitting for 25 years, I checked the cylinders, pulled the sump and cleaned everything, then changed all the fluids and started riding. 8000kms later, its still running sweetly. Same thing with my 74 California which had been in the hands of an unsympathetic ape. I need to change the clutch, but other than that, its ready for cross-continent.

The Eldo is likely to be the same. I'll bet there's nothing much that some fresh oil, the new Gilardonis, and a few thousand miles won't cure. Have faith - they're very nearly indestructible.

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