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Hi Larry!

I remember my gears "lasting longer" on the 610.. but that could be a function of how light this motor feels and how fast it winds up?

All I've done so far is 4.5 hours running around on a supercross track.. I haven't had it in the woods yet so I don't know about the gear ratios for tight riding (I have a meeting with the state trooper tomorrow so I can get this thing verified/plated.. assuming I can get it all back together tonight ).

It is pretty hard to compare because the bike feels so different. Overall... the difference between the 610 and this bike is night & day... they don't feel like they are in the same category (not even close).

Where the 610 feels like "everything a KLR or DR wishes it was"... it feels like the "smallest big bike"
This thing feels like "everything a 250 2-stroke wishes it was"... it feels like the "biggest small bike".
Does that make any sense?

With the long geometry of the 610, up here at altitude... there was no way my 610 was lifting its front wheel without either some real body input or dipping into the clutch. With the 500 I have to focus on keeping the front wheel down.. it wants to hoist it at the exit of every corner if you are ham-fisted with the throttle.

I'm not sure if this helps at all...

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