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Originally Posted by Hexhead View Post

Postie brought me a surprise envenope today! Installed on my HP Enduro and went for a 1/2 hour test ride. First impression is the motor feels to run smoother at all rpms constant throttle. Throttle response seems to have been somewhat improved with smoother acceleration, but this is difficult to define without more testing as this bike normally produces so much response, think major hooligan effect! Bottom line it DOES run better. I would like to have an off/on switch to help evaluate while riding.
Thank you, Hexhead! I think you're the first one in with an HP2e ride report. Sounds like the IICE Air is working the way it should. I understand what you mean about the on/off switch, and here's an idea about that. When you take a drink of milk from the carton out of the fridge and it's sour, do you need to take another drink to be sure?

Kidding aside, the Air has a 0 offset jumper position. The 0 setting is the same thing as an off switch.


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