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here are a few pics

Originally Posted by Geek View Post
David: do you have any pics of the Akro? I haven't seen it yet.
Is it much louder than stock? I was surprised at just how much bark the stock exhaust has...
I love it, its like half my SE or SMT used to, it has that deeper tone, kinda of more from the throat. Next to my budies 525 it just sounds a little deeper at idle and threw normal power cycling however to be completely honest when she is wide open it captures a bit more attention but its more from a different sound and I dont think it is that much louder I am sorry that probably dosent make much sense. the tail pipes is a unique shape it isnt round or oblong it kind of oblong on the bottom and pointed to the inboard side on the top.

here a few pics, it took about 60 miles to get the purple tint on the header just right .

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