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At around 250 lbs, this bike should be nimble as hell. You are adding some lb's to it with the bar clamps , but losing weight on the exaust....Any thoughts on going to one of the lithium batteries to keep it on a diet? I picked one up at the ktm dealer and thought it was impossible to be that light. I'll be doing a similar build as you....great thread...
Weight wise, with everything I have removed and the stuff I added back Including my current headlight project I have only added 5 addition pounds total to the bike. But sine I have recently lost 15 LBS i figure I am still ten pounds ahead of the game.

There are several batteries out there and when mine dies I will probably make a switch but there are several options and battery technology wise massive changes have happened even since Shoria came out so Ill have to research when the time comes. Curently market place the Shoria's work great on the LC8's I had them on two of my bikes and I could tell a difference in starting and lighting both. The good thing down here is the opposite of Geek They DONT heat soak like others do down here in texas when its 113F outside.

FWIW When I got the bike I chagned the gearing to 14/48 but didnt like the result I am not out for raising top end I was merely doing it for fuel economy The milage was not a significant improvement with the 14/48's and if I hadnt road it with the original 13/50's I probably would have been ok but the 13/50 were calling me back and I ran to them.

The XCW has a huge amount of power and if I want to climb a tree all I have to do is find one.
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