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David: I can tell you ride @ Meunster instead of Colorado... a skid plate is purchase #1 in the rocks we have around here

Who makes that seat? Looks pretty sharp!

p.s. how well does that diamond plate headlight work?
I have a skid plate it is just off for oil cange and cleaning up. The seat is from XPS I had it done is BLK suede. HUGE inprovement. It is comprable to Renazco but it only too two weeks. Sorry James I couldnt do four months again.

RE: P.S.

I thought I had the cropped out all the way I guess I didnt check it very well. So Ill go ahead and spill the beans just a bit.

The diamond plate is a "Work in progress" base for the lights it bolts directly to the triples with four bolts, so there is no additional clamps or gadgets. My lighting choice I am still going to keep close to the vest at the moment until I have tested what I am working on. But I will say that I am going down a path that I havent seen before. The total AMP usage per beam is 2.2 Amps and when its on highbeam I may have to wear sunscreen and sunglasses when its on. I have checked with local state inspection facility and provided the detailed light specifications and was told will pass anual vehicle inspection.

Well see, I plan to be functional this weekend.
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