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Originally Posted by RD350B View Post
Hello all ..

Long time lurker, first time poster. Lots of nice 2-strokes here for sure.

Thought I'd throw my bike into the ring for your consideration.

Hey, that is some great looking RD. You really did a top notch job on it!

Ticks all the boxes, alloy rims, chambers, rear sets, polished cases and classic bump saddle. And I must say, for riding, I too favor the superbike style low bars over clip ons!

I had a '73 RD 350 in the mid 70's. Spent the winter turning it into a Kenny Roberts special, mine had rearsets and chambers too. Even had the yellow / black paint job (and the clipons). A friend even gave me a used set of road race slicks for it (not a good idea). It was ready to go but it would be a couple of months before I would be 16 and old enough to get my license.

Well a couple of months was a long time back then! So still 15, I one day decided to ride it to school after my dad went to work, who would know? It was damp that morning, and with slicks, you guessed it, I laid it down... right in the sweeping left hander that led into the school parking lot!

And not too far in front of a school bus! Just missed the guard rail too!

I bounced pretty good back then and was left unhurt. I hopped up, quickly gathered up all the pieces and rode it back home. Then I cut school so I could put it back into a reasonable state before my father got home. I was really sweating!

Of course I couldn't fix all the damage so I told dad I knocked it off the side stand while working in the garage.

Haha, he gave me a big pass on that one!

Thanks for posting. Long live the RD!
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