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Sniper X: Nice photos... yes that is Rick Burgetts OW41

Those photos reminded me to pass along these two books that I have been really enjoying. You will find plenty of good information on the OW Yamahas in these. Both include lots of great photographs and comments, even some from the riders who rode these machines. I found it very interesting to compare various aspects of our production bikes with what was done on the factory rides.

VMX magazine is another great resource. They have run several features on the Yamaha factory racers as well as articles covering restoration of the production bikes. Many of the back issues are still available.

Then there are the period magazine reviews. I found some of these in the Yahoo YZ490 group and others in the IT Enduro Club ( ) . Even more YZ tests can be found here ( )

Now, turning back (yuk yuk ) to the rear wheel discussion...

I wanted to point out a difference between the OEM Yamaha spokes and the Buchanan stainless spokes. The OEM spokes are butted (thicker diameter) at the end. The Buchanan stainless spokes are straight guage.

I am wondering if someone can comment on the general durability of the stainless spokes. Are they more or less reliable than the OEM's. They certainly look great, how do they hold up?

These photos should show the difference in spokes and the differences in the brake plate/spacer setup.

Here is the yz490 with butted spokes at the bend. There is no space between the plate and the swing arm, only the dust cover for the brake plate bushing.

Now, here is the '81 yz465 wheel with Buchanan stainless spokes. You can see there is no change in diameter at the bends. On the '81, the spacer is welded to the chain adjuster (I've rotated the brake plate to get a better view).

BTW, the 490 has the nice aluminum brake arm. Much nicer than this ugly stamped steel thing I found on my 465.

Finally, here are a couple of tools that have come in handy through the years.
On the left is a cheap tire bead breaker. I guess I wouldn't want to bring it on the ISDT but does make tire changing around the garage much easier. I can do motorcycle and car tires with this and a big set of spoons I have.

On the right is a wheel truing stand my father made in around 1970. As a kid, I remember him cutting threads for it on the lathe. Then he had me hold a piece or 2 in place while he laid down some tack welds.

And before anyone asks, this is not my wifes living room....oh, no,no,no.
This is the finished upstairs of my moto barn.

So how about it "anotherguy" you like those "fancy dan" stainless spokes? Breaking any?

And for Riceless950...

#23 Marty Moates on his 1980 LOP YZ465 showing em how its done!

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