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Originally Posted by PorLaTierra View Post

Thanks for the recommendations Crash Master, actually your RR was one of my favorites, I took a couple of notes, read the whole thing. I spent 5 months in Mexico as a backbacker when I was 20 so I will be moving quickly down to Panama, Colombia is where I want to spend some time, Mexico is amazing for travel and I could spend months here.

Thanks amigo. In that case, I would plan on some time in Guatemala as you head south. Lots of great stuff there. With some effort, you can get off the beaten track in CA if you wish. In Nicaragua the route from Matagalpa out to Puerto Cabezas is an interesting experience. But if youre just passing through CA, there are limited options on through routes as most of the stuff worth seeing would need a little side trip off the main routes.

Are you planning a loop through Peru and Bolivia, then into Brazil? I would very highly recommend not skipping either of those countries. The Andes in Peru and Bolivia are absolutely epic.
Riding the Americas: No Fumar Espaņol

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