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Put Kalonji and Draechon on dual sports and this would have been a 4 hour ride... well if the rest of us could keep up.
Originally Posted by Marsh Tiger View Post
The Heart of Colleton Adventure Trail was born! (Ho-Cat sounds better though)

Eight inmates were foolish enough to follow me. All brave and honorable men. (especially the two on street bikes!)
Here we are just minuets before the beginning of the end.

We stopped for a group grab of the local tag. We encountered some mud on the way here. Everybody survived it though. (anybody got a pict of the mud?)

Here we are, about 2 hours in. (the street bike crew (Still very much intact and energetic) wasn't too far behind. I think they stopped to investigate some strange tracks in the road or something)

Lunch break about 3 hours (85 miles) in... This is about the time we realized that my innocent route was almost entirely dirt roads. I caught a little hell from the street bike crew over this.

(I wonder if it was the mud or the flooded road that pissed them off? )

After lunch about half the herd fled... Something about expired kitchen passes and needing to get home... I understand, I answer to an authority that administers kitchen passes too. (and wouldn't have it any other way)

But you missed the most graceful get off ever... ( I needed a siesta anyway.)

Here's the Tiger resting in a ditch.

Seriously, I had a great time. It was a pleasure to ride with Y'all and again, apologies to the street bike crew! You are brave souls, with impressive riding skills. I look forward to the next ride!

HO-CAT Specs:

Dirt: most of it (80-90%)
Paved: too much, but fun anyway.
Miles: 148
Time: 5.5 hours
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