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OK... with the 490 rear wheel worked out I was able to install the swing arm for the final time.

The next step for me is to work out a 43mm fork swap. I also picked up a used, side port, DG YZ- 490 pipe that I will adapt to the 465. The original pipe was patched and welded numerous times so I was happy to get this pipe at a good price. Comparing the pipes, I found the 490 one to be very similar to the 465, the main difference being in the length of the stinger and how it attaches to the silencer.

This photo below shows the bike with modified swing arm,YZ490 wheel, and a set of 1983 43mm IT-490 forks (more about that later). A motor was fitted temporarily to help work out the mounts for the DG pipe and new silencer.

You may also notice that I have mounted the aluminum rear brake stay from a yz490 in place of the steel 465 arm.
It appears the 490 arm is a bit too long as the plate is rotated in clockwise direction too far. This compromises the positioning of the brake actuating arm. My plan is to cut and reweld the stay arm at the rear attachment point. It will also be necessary to fit a spacer at the frame side as the arm eyelet not as wide as the frame bracket it bolts into.

Chain Guides:

Old plastic chain guides can get brittle and break thereby jamming the drive train. To avoid these issues, I went ahead and replaced all the guides and chain rollers. Fortunately, all the chain guide plastic is still available from Yamaha as well as other sources.

The rear guide itself is made from aluminum and quite light. In addition to plastic, mine required cleaning and some new screws. The inside of the guide bracket is left bare aluminum. The outside part is repainted using a "hammered" finish that is durable and effective in hiding minor imperfections.

Next up will be fork swap details. But first,

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