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Bluhduh Chapter Two: Give them the Bird

Chapter 2: The Surly Bird

And we're back.
Recognize the Mermaid?

..pushing through some heavy heartedness and lingering lack of sleep from the recent Reno Dakar Retrieval and Attempt to Forget the Heart Break Mini-Spring Break Road Trip...oh boohoo

Very short RR pending.

Ok…maybe a bit short on boobies in this chapter…but I figure at least a few folks are actually interested in mutant vehicle part.

Alright then, let's get started. So we go back to the good old days of 2003. When I bought an old Dodge Forest Service hay truck for about $800.

[IMG]dodge 5[1][/IMG]

Add some steel bar stock and a bored guy with welding skills and some underemployed artsy folks with spray paint and power tools


And some spray glue for inspiration…

[IMG]hannah glue[/IMG]

We had a mutant vehicle.
(side note, that woman, Hannah Banana went buck wild her first year on the playa. disappeared all day and came back at sunset buck naked with palindromes written all over her body in sharpie marker. my favorite of course was one beautiful butt cheek that said "live" and the other that said "evil." wri


For its day it was pretty sweet although the sound system was a little primitive compared to what we run today…standards were lower.


Some other vehicles that were outstanding for the day…



A multi-section dragon with plate steel welded scales and a big huge kerosene flame thrower on the front. Haven’t seen that one around in a long long time.

Or the Contessa:


She was an old school bus with a full wooden ship built around her. I went on board one day and the smell of gasoline and the stifling heat inside were scary. Contessa was pretty sweet looking but super dangerous when moving. She had a reputation for traveling way too fast and yielding to no craft smaller than her…which was no one. Apparently she pissed enough people off that she was torched in the desert one year since she was too big to go anywhere off season and had to be left somewhere in the brush…

But I digress.

So the next year the Bird becomes. Red.


A new truck is cut up and put under the party decking...twice...both running on bio-diesel. A second rear axle gets welded on. A little DJ booth goes in...blah blah blah bike rack on the back...various configurations of shade on top... And the “branding” starts to take shape. Add more sound, more lights and she eventually becomes what we see here with the “bot” becoming part of the vehicle.

Why is it called the Surly Bird? I don’t know if anyone knows anymore. But strangely, the camp salute might look familiar to some readers…

He is the guy, Angry Hatey Cat, who came up with Surly as a camp name back when all we had was bikes and coolers and a fucked up dome. He was kind of sick of the peace love and yoga stuff...

Some more Bird pics for fun.


Did you need eye candy?

Here is an early Sparkle Pony from 2003.


Now wouldn’t you go back next year?

Coming up next...Art and Sparkle Ponies! Oh will like this one...because like the art cars...the sparkle ponies got better over the years...

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame. But I know. It's my own damn fault.

'06 Dakar

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