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So my dad road with me for a couple of days which was very cool and then turned around and went back home. I hope he writes a little RR because he had some adventure along the way too, and took some really cool roads through Cali I think.

I was able to find a good place in Guaymas on the 16th but I dropped the bike while riding that day which kind of sucked. In Los Mochis I had a run in with the cops, which cost me, and then spent $24 on a hotel unable to find anything cheaper.

Time for a day of rest

After parting ways with my dad in Puerto Peñasco I rode south to Guaymas, Sonora.

We had unknowingly chosen a hotel right next to a night club and I did not get to sleep till after 1am (no I wasn’t at the club). I was tired the next day and probably not drinking enough water to get me through the harsh desert climate. It was easily in the 90s so I stopped to let the bike cool off while I checked the oil and rested for a minute.

That’s when I made a mistake.

I got to talking with a gas station attendant and when he told me how close I was to Guaymas I got excited and and took off riding without checking the bike. Immediately after accelerating I noticed a liquid of some sort splashing up into the air and all over the bike and me. I’m such an idiot! I had forgotten to put the dip stick all the way back in, I was planning to check it again but I forgot! I killed the engine and grabbed some toilet paper to start cleaning the bike. There was oil everywhere. I decided to go back to the gas station and clean up. While trying to make a 180 degree turn on soft gravel I dropped the bike. My leg got caught underneath and I had to loosen my pant legs and boots to get my foot out.

Luckily I was fine but what happened next I will never forget.

A couple pulled over to help, then another truck stopped and two guys got out. The bike was laying on its side on an incline and I gladly accepted help to pick it up. Not even a scratch to the bike! They helped me out and after I assured them that everything was ok and I pushed the bike a few hundred feet back to the gas station. Then the cops showed up (good ones, not like the ones that come later in this story). I assured them I was ok and while I cleaned the bike a little I think I repeated my name a dozen times while they tried to pronounce it into the radio. They made a report. Then the Red Cross pulled up and asked me if I was the guy who had fallen.

“Yes I am thanks for stopping, gracias a dios estoy bien.“

“Ok well those guys are coming too, to check over you”

And so the ambulance showed up and five guys got out to make a report and check on me. “Yup, totally fine!” I said with a big smile.

I rested for a while, bought some oil from the mechanic across the street and topped off the bike. It was down just a little bit, I hadn’t lost much oil but what did leak out made a huge mess. Oh well, I guess I needed to be reminded that I should not ride at all if I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep. Could have been worse, I got my warning , I should be more careful.

More mexican road hazards: why is everything always on fire? Makes me feel like mad max sometimes

Sunset in Los Mochis, the only nice thing about Los Mochis.
The day after the spill, I had a run in with the cops

The day before I arrived in Mazatlan I had an interesting encounter. I got pulled over in Los Mochis for driving the wrong way on a one way street while looking for a hotel. There was a never ending median and I pulled a U-turn and drove about a hundred feet back to a hotel I had passed. No traffic so no problem right? When you drive a big orange bike the cops watch you and the corrupt ones are there just waiting for you to mess up. I messed up.

Franco had warned me about this scenario.

“The office where you pay the infraction is closed today so we better settle this right here” said the cop. The other one waited patiently behind him with a rifle.

I began a long speech about how I was tired and hungry and I didn’t have much money because I was hoping to write about my travels and make money along the way (kind of true) and then I went on and on about unrelated things, doing my best Cantinflas. Cantinflas was a Mexican comedian who talked his way in and out of trouble all the time. I learned a few things from watching his movies. I could see the cop was getting bored with me and I kept hinting at a tiny 50 peso bribe which seemed to annoy him less and less by the minute. Finally he told me it had to be 300. That seemed a bit low from what others have told me. So I whipped out 200 pesos ($17) and he took them. Yes! Success! Well kind of. I found the nearest hotel and I gave up trying to find a better deal that night. The manager was cool though and he gave me a discount.

Since $20 a day is my budget, not counting gas, I was pretty bummed about Los Mochis and I hope to make up the difference down the road, staying with people I meet and eating cheap.

In Mazatlan I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I enjoyed the city so much on my first afternoon that I decided to stay another night.

Arriving in Mazatlan

Some have it pretty good here

Others, not so much

I went to a play, Los Cazadores de Acentos Perdidos

Drank some coffee, Mayan Coffee right near the Hotel Lerma

The Hotel Lerma 110 Pesos

Went to the beach, walked around, enjoyed myself.

I learned that if you dont plan rest days they probably wont happen, rest days are important if you dont want to burn out.

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