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who just arrived?
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As a dad it is dificult to pass up the chance to ride w. my son, more so since he will be gone on this extended trip for quite some time.

I left Bellingham and headed directly south down the interstate, I-5, it is the fastest route since I still have a job and needed to return in a relatively short period of time. I crossed the border at Otay, CA. Border guard made eye contact and waved me across, never even put my feet down. A mile down the road I find my son waiting for me, nice. Nice is probably a lighter version of a huge big sigh of relief. He warned me of the potholes and mentioned the riding rules are different than Bellingham, WA. Interesting and quick ride on the east side of TJ, and yes, lots of potholes and not a lot of regard for traffic laws, you just kind of make it work without being rude, very exciting to say the least, yeah, exciting. Rode across the desert towards Mexicali, fueled up w. the slash 7's first taste of Mexican fuel. Roads were great, very little traffic. Stayed in Sonoyta and had meat tacos on the side of the road for breakfast, the meat was great and I decided not to find out its orgin. Fresh seafood for dinner n Rocky Point. We had a couple of great days of riding and just hanging out together, good stuff. We parted ways and I headed alone northbound and crossed at Sonoyta, MX into the US at Lukeville, AZ. My rear tire had a toll taken on it from the numerous construction detours that routed us on dirt, gravel and pitrun w/ sharp rocks so I headed to Tucson and Iron Horse BMW for a new rear tire. Then west. After a day of high winds and my mileage dropping from the usual 40mpg to 31mpg I found a hotel and as i drove up I noticed 3 very shiny Harleys parked out front. On a bike you are always concerned about the bike sitting in a parking lot while you sleep and dream of the days riding so I first mentioned to the guy standing by them w. Mississippi plates that those 3 bikes were really cool. I asked where he thought I could park my bike for the night, he looks over to my bike and asks me is that your black BMW? Yes, that's mine. He says you should park that black bitch next to the Harleys, NO ONE will mess with your little bitch. Okay. Done. Next day I continue west and hit I-5 at the Grapevine and rode in slushly snow. Couple of days later I am almost home. Almost, bike is in Salem, OR at the BMW shop waiting for a failed part that is under warrenty, vendor only asked where to ship his failed part, thank you. So I rode home on the Amtrak and will return next week to finish this ride and close the chapter on Mexico, for now. I expected grat things from Mexico and was not disappointed, I will for sure return to Mexico. Great adventure on an old slash 7.
Thanks Ryan for the invite to join you on a portion of your adventure.
Oh yeah, I need to book a southbound Amtrak...
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