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Originally Posted by BeeMaa View Post
Why is there a seat and sissy bar on the fender of the sidecar?
Did I miss something or is it just for storage?
Originally Posted by Sidecarjohn View Post
What a great job and ingenious too.

Is the seat and sissy bar intended for an additional passenger ? Could be considered if some sort of hand holds, or support, were provided ?
The owner of a local shop took my rig for a ride and loved it, but I could not talk him into taking a ride on that seat! As is obvious, that would be quite dangerous at the moment. However, I plan to add some wrap-around arm rests to that backrest, and I have a front seat on the way to attach to that frame in its usual spot along with a shortened handlebar that will be added after I have finished adding an actuator to the sidecar suspension. So ultimately, this rig will be a four-seater, and in this order:

1) driver
2) deck seat (or power chair or wheelchair)
3) sideframe front seat (with handlebars for support)
4) sideframe back seat (with rider in front, as usual)

Having an actuator to adjust wheel height on the side (along with "lean" for the entire rig) is part of what will make that possible, and the fact that I have done some work to increase horsepower will make it possible for four people to safely ride at least at relatively low speed (such as on an afternoon ride in the country or in a parade or whatever (and as opposed to any long-distance highway-speed travel)).

Any intentions to fit some form of bodywork, particularly at the front end of the sidecar ?
No, and this morning I decided to shorten my ramp to reduce wind resistance. No ramp would be needed at all to load someone in a wheelchair, and the power chair does not need the long ramp unless someone is actually on it during loading.
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