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That's good info. I've cut the bottom of the shelf in my glove box off to make room for sensors. I could do the same thing and see if their is some pressure in there. I usually have a tank bag on that holds my wide band and data logging so my glove box is always strapped down. Your shrouds are helping alot. A 950 that doesn't run the fan in Summer traffic.Great idea. I suspect that the fork legs create vortexes that probably spill over the stock fairing. The notch only being three inches from the radiator. Speculation of course since you can't really tell what's going on unless your in a wind tunnel. I've done some aero testing with various teams I've worked for. Some even had a big enough budget to afford wind tunnel testing. I thought that would be fun but it is one boring day I tell you. Looks like you have more than doubled that distance plus widened it out a couple inches. Nice mod with good results.
Suppose I could data log the airbox pressure sensor. Do some pulls on the dyno with no fans for a base line setting, then go ride and see what I get.
Just tying up a loose end here.......
I took some photos of the cover that was being lifted off at speed. As the air that passes through the radiator it is isolated from the carbes I know that the shrouds that I made are not responsible for pushing air to the carbes so this is air traveling through the steering stem area putting pressure around the carbes. My answer to the popping cover was to bolt it down This is the cover on the seat side lifting and flexing its clip open. It takes some pressure to do that.

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