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Wolverine for me too...slow...

Hm. Wolverine is dropping off in Michigan today, huh? Good for you johnyrrr, sucks for me. I too was given a similar delivery schedule from of tomorrow, they will have missed both "estimated ranges" for delivery. I live in Tennessee...not really close to Michigan.

They picked my R1150GS up (from Northernstar in Seattle-area) on the 10th. It's the 22nd, and I still haven't even received the 24-hr-away-from-delivery call. Sounds like I may be waiting awhile. I know that I didn't sign-up for a FedEx or UPS but two weeks to get here seems excessive.

I opted to use these guys after receiving two uShip bids for $50-less that had delivery schedules that were sooner. I chose Wolverine because of some good feedback on ADV and because they were a moto-specific carrier. I will post my final opinion of Wolverine when they finally deliver mine so that anyone else relying on reviews can make up their own mind.

All for now.

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I finally got my bike delivered from Wolverine, FINALLY. I was supposed to get it the 16-19 I was told but it ended up coming yesterday. The excuse I got from the office lady was they got help up in Chicago for St Patricks Day(good one!) then they were supposed to deliver it on the 20th from 6-8 pm. No go again and I was called this time at 830 pm that they were still in Ohio. I was told I would have bike at 8ma the 21st then. I got an email this time that they were still in Ohio and bike couldnt be delivered at 8am on the 21st but 12-100pm instead. I got a call at 1130am they were infront of my house. I can only be grateful my job is close and very flexible due to all the delays and schedule changes BUT bike was finally delivered in the shape i purchased it in and for a reasonable price. I even got a followup call from the owner to explain that they specified tentive dates and times and that this happens, blah blah blah. I just erased message after hearing the excuses. Long as your flexable and patient Wolverine eventually got it done.
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