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BST Bowl Machine Screws

Anyone know the size (thread, length, etc) of the machine screws that hold the bowl on the BST carb on a 640 Adv?

Parts have all arrived (was waiting on the Sommer air filter screen) and I've mod'd the stock exhaust can on my '05 640 - so can finally rejet the bugger, but want to replace the OEM Phillips mach screws with proper hex-head ones.

Since will likely have to order bolts - or search for them ahead of time (live in rural area on Canadian east coast), I'd like to have them on hand before I start work.

Changed wife's idle fuel jet on her 640 a month or so ago, I but stupidly forgot to check the size of the bowl screws when I had the bike opened up (her bike already had the screws replaced by hex heads by the shop that did the original tuning work).

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