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Scott, this thread is pure torture.

Earlier in the thread you suggested you would one day later consider opening up the GPS tracks for all. I implore you not to. Seriously, this should be reserved for a select few that you trust in a couple of years it may be closed or ruined.

One of my other past times is caving, in particular surveying & mapping caves which I guess is why I like rally so much too. Anyway there is a code of secrecy among cavers, the whereabouts of new caves and especially beautiful ones are protected even among cavers. The reason is after a while everyone and his dog wants to do the cave and it gets damaged.

You are laying out a series of enduro routes that quite large population group would love to get their hands on. No disrespect to the enduro fanatics out there, but just imagine what it could turn into.

What an amazing, inspiring project. I'm going to try the same thing here in Peru.
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