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My first bike was a brand spanking new 79 RD400f Daytona Special. God I wish I still had that one...
My second bike was a brand spanking new 82 RD350lc. Damn I wish I still had that one...
I guess what I'm saying is I've had a lot of different bikes but the only ones I regret selling were my two strokes.

There are very few bikes that will return the number of smiles a 2t will give you. Plus it will teach you some wrenching and riding skills. (pretty flexy frame compared to todays rides but for the power it is ok).

By the way, here's the grandson to the one you're looking at (bout 30 more hp!).
There are lots more photos of terrific RD's available in the 'two stroke' section of this forum if you need any more opinions.

Best of luck! You'll be riding on one wheel! hehehe

(click on the pic to enlarge.)

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