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Originally Posted by perterra View Post
I started riding a 4 stroke mini bike in 69 and by 1972 I had graduated to a 2 stroke Bridgstone mountain 90, wasnt real fast, maybe run 53 or 54 mph, went to a Bridgestone 90 sport, worked my way up through a couple more Bridgestone 90's and a 100, then went to a Bridgestone dual twin 175, had either a 4 down rotary 4 sp transmission with neutral at the end or 5 speed. I rode a 350 Honda and thought, shit this things a dog. 2 strokes rule. I havent owned one since the late 70's, but I'd jump on a nice RD or just about any other mid size 2 stroke in a heartbeat.
i had a series of bridgestones also. started with a 90 sport then a 200 my last one was a 350gtr. was ahead of it's time and a shame they quit making them. wrenched on them for a local dealer for a while in my teens.
to the op buy the yamaha and don't look back. it's a deal.
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