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Just a quick bosh - new blog entries and photos on the site for our training on Module 2... of which we passed! Hoorah! The diary entries include the likes of me getting lost on back streets 15mins before my test, Sam being a grumpy morning dinosaur, lots on THE most miserable examiners in the world and a number of piccies. Some extracts:

Sam was super happy not to have to say “See you next Tuesday” (the next test date to retake the exam) but at the same time a little sad he missed out on the opportunity of this remark too!

Me: “So... can I ask if I have passed or not?”
Examiner: “You can ask.”

For more have a looksy here:
Our Diary

Enjoy the read peoples! If you get a chance, please please please with cheese and cherries like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter as the more people we have, the more our sponsors will give towards our charities! :) Thanking you!

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Thaaaank you SUPER amounts guys and girls!! Not long now... 4.5months in fact! Aieeee!

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