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Originally Posted by EmanP View Post
Well, that's what the website says. The bikes in the US are obviously not nor have ever been thanks at least in part to those charcoal canisters. The 2012 owners manual now states they are 13.5 liters while the previous manual's stated they were 16 liters. Still doesn't make it right, but I would say the only way to find a 16L tank in the US on that bike is if someone imported one or changed out the tanks which I would actually do if I had a 16L tank.
a friend from bmw moa said yesterday:
I received a response to my email to Anthony Cavanaugh, following up on your issue regarding the gas tank capacity for your F800R. In his response he reports that model year 2011 and prior years, imported into the US had the smaller tank. European models always had the larger tank and it was adopted for the US F800R as a 2012 updates.
He also said that the matter had been reviewed extensively within BMW including involvement with the Vice President. It is their position that 'the bike is operating as designed and there are no defects in materials or workmanship."
I am sorry you had the difficulties you encountered when you ran out of gas. It is also unfortunate that you did not get the tank capacity you expected, although your owners manual gives the correct capacity.
It's not my role to judge correct or incorrect in these matters, but rather to try to solve them, if possible, to our members satisfaction. In this case, a satisfactory resolution to you is not possible. Mechanically, there is nothing that can be done. The issue has also been to the top of their organization, and those decisions are not usually subject to change.
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