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KX Christini

Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Finally got a chance to ride it off road yesterday. The bike worked great, made it all the way to the top of Pat's trail, which is a rocky, steep switchbacked hill climb . About the top 25% was about 6" of melting, heavy snow churned up by 4x4 quads, but the Christini mowed through it, no problem. Even with 15psi in the 50/50 dual sport tires, it easily climbed up the steep switchback trail with rocks, roots and a snow topping.

At the top I rode a ways up the fire road, which was about 10" deep in the untracked parts. It was actually easier to cut throught the untracked snow than trying to follow the quad tracks, which were hard to stay centered in and caused the bike to wag. The bike would spin both tires and just motor through the deep, heavy snow, but it did cause the steering to feel very stiff, like you turned the damper all the way up. Not sure if it was the snow or AWD or both?

The bike felt pretty normal otherwise on the average trails, but a little stiff. I need to adjust the suspension a little more and it is probably still breaking in too. It does have slightly less steering lock than my CRF, but I really didn't motice it much. The drive ration, 64% under drive to the front, seems a little low? It allowed quite a bit of sideways drifting before the front pulled it backwhen flat tracking on Peter Burns road. I think some adjustment there will also make it better, maybe about 75-80%?

Hopefully I will have my Rekluse clutch and hand brake for the next ride. It was weird having to operate a clutch and using my foot to engage the rear brake?!? Some more suspension adjustments should also smooth things out. More to come!

I have one of the 2 KX450F Christinis , I had the drift you mentioned, so I switched the top sprocket near the gas tank to a 15 tooth from 16,,, which left too much slack,,,so I went back to the 16 and added 2 teeth to the rear wheel sprocket. I have been quite satisfied with this ratio.

I'm subscribed to this thread now so I'll be interested to read your comments on the Christini. I use the KX mainly on mountain trails, but plan to Dual Sport it. I just added a Rekluse and believe it's the greatest thing 2nd only to Steve Christini's brilliant all wheel drive system.
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