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For Baja Travelers

Our 2012 Baja trip was more spectacular than we expected. We met wonderful people, and stayed in some great places along the way. While I am far, FAR, from an expert on Baja travel, we have learned some things, and met some people, along the way that I think people will find helpful; I want to share those resources.

The main focus will be places to stay, as there are plenty of other resources for GPS tracks and such, and where to stay while traveling Baja is a pretty common question for first time travelers.
My intent is to maintain this as an indexed thread, so that information can be added over time. So if you have something to add please let me know. So as we build this resource, please include as much info as you can in your post, such as:
-website link
-email addy
-phone (many places have a US number)
-location (google map links are excellent)
-a pic or 2, especially if it will help find the place
-of course tell us about the place and your experience (secure bike parking, was there a particularly helpful staff person, etc)

Of course it's Baja, so some of the best and coolest places wont have phones, websites, or electricity, so just give the best info you can!

In order to keep the list well organized please list each location in a separate post! This will make it much easier to keep them indexed and link to each location. Please title your post as well.

I am only going to personally write about places I have first hand knowledge of, so if you want a place added to the index, please be prepared to write a post about it, and I will add it to the index. This also means if there is a really obvious place that I haven't posted, it is because I haven't been there I don't feel I have sufficient knowledge to post about it. This will be a work in progress, so constructive suggestions on how to keep info organized, or anything else, are welcome. Right now I am going to start by dividing the list into 4 parts, North Baja Pacific Side, North Baja Sea of Cortez Side, South Baja Pacific Side, and South Baja Sea of Cortez Side.

Some of the wonderful people I met who live in Baja have also agreed to help with the upkeep and knowledge base of this thread. Not only are these great folks you would be delighted to meet, many of them are plugged into the "date palm wireless" and are the folks you want to be able to get in touch with if you find yourself broke down or in some other sticky situation in Baja. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

I am also considering what else to have listed besides places to stay. Are there any ADV members living in Baja who would like to be listed as a person to call on for assistance? Happen to know where there is a really good welder in the middle of nowhere? Other ideas?

General Baja Info

Passport and Visa:
  • Don't forget, you need a passport to get back into the US now! Get an application at your local post office.
  • Mexican Visa, Discover Baja Travel Club can take care of your visa by mail so you do not have to do it at the border.

Ferry Service to mainland:
La Paz to Mazatlan ferry.

Epic Baja Ride Reports!
Baja, The Long Way, by inmate Hardworkingdog. ->Great father/son trip, hope I get to do this with Alex one day!
DaFoole & J's Fake Baja Adventure, by Dafoole. -> Might not be the ride report for young children, chaste nuns, or whining liberals. YHBW.

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