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day 2

It was nice to be able to get a hot shower. I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could go check on the boat and my 08:00 scheduled boat reservation. I strolled over there for 07:30 to hear that the boats weren't sailing yet due to wind. Looked good for a boat getting across that night if the winds died down as forecasted. Ok, back to bed for me. I lazed around for too long in front of the idiot box as I had not brought my Kindle or any books with me, dumbass. I guess it didn't really matter with the weather not being very pretty either.

It was close to 15:00 when it started to dry up and I decided to go for a spin and try to find a couple of lighthouses and get around the St. Anthony area for my first time. I know, not the best way to achieve this mission but I was game to try. I booted it up the road and pulled off in Eddies Cove to try the old road along the coastal route that a local had told me about. Along the way there was some serious storm surge along the water line in these remote villages.
fishing stages

this surf is bigger than it looks, I was wiping salt spray off my goggles all the time

This sign greeted me, but I was undeterred

looks good to me

It was a nice ride for about 15 or 20 km's and then I came to an impasse, oh well. If I'd had a friend with me and it wasn't the start of a big trip with a timeline I might have tried the go around

No worries, I turned around and made my way back to the main road and continued north in search of the Cape Norman lighthouse the lived just beyond Wild Bight, I was not disappointed.

been awhile since I played this game

From there I gave 'er north to Quirpon and Cape Bauldy looking to snap another one, I went to the ends of the roads around and no such luck, it was looking like the actual lighthouse was tucked around the corner of the point, sigh. Now as time was marching on I really had no choice but to retrace my route back to the motel, it was going to be after dark as it was.:(

I did stop in Saint Lunaire (I think) to grab a pic of this fun little light house along the road, it's got room to get in so it should count on the trophy thread count:)

I booted it back down the coast and passed at least 25 trucks trolling the highway in search of moose and got back to the motel just in time for a sunset shot

Time to pack it in and see what tomorrow brings, word was no boats sailing that night either, dammit. Here was the day's stats
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