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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
If you go ahead with locating matched injectors, have them matched at the pulsewidth of interest. You know, at the injector pulsewidth centered on the range of interest. The injector isn't open for very long when the motor is operated at low power settings. As you can imagine, low power settings equal short duration injector pulsewidths.

The injector solenoid and valve mechanism takes time to open. That time period is known as injector dead time, or injector latency. An ECU accounts for this injector latency in the fuel calculations.

The shorter the injector pulsewidth, the greater percentage of the pulsewidth is devoted to opening the valve, not flowing fuel. Consequently, the primary contributor of injector mismatch at short pulsewidths is the 'latency period' of the solenoid windings and valve mechanism.

Poolside, That's an excellent detail you've added here ... believe it or not I was posting the same thought on another site as you wrote this.

At idle and low throttle, the total pulse command can be roughly 2-3 mS, injector turn on can be in the vicinity of a millisecond making it a large potential error. That led me to think I will ride the bike to the shop and see how the handle duty cycle. I also understand that the turn on time can vary with battery voltage.

Can you recommend an excellent shop for this type of work in the Northeast?
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