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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post

Poolside, That's an excellent detail you've added here ... believe it or not I was posting the same thought on another site as you wrote this.
What a coincidence.

At idle and low throttle, the total pulse command can be roughly 2-3 mS,
Is that the total injector period per cycle? Because of batch injection, there are two injector periods per cylinder, per cycle. Is that 2-3ms the sum of both periods? Also, do you mean low throttle while underway, or in neutral?

That led me to think I will ride the bike to the shop and see how they handle duty cycle.
I don't understand what you mean by "handle duty cycle".

Can you recommend an excellent shop for this type of work in the Northeast?
What type of work do you mean? Matching injectors? Or "handling duty cycle"?


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