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Originally Posted by EmanP View Post
According to him, no it's not. I followed him for about 120 miles today and i never noticed it even coming close but than again I wasn't focused there either. I know that others have posted in other places that they had to bend it back a little to make sure there was clearance. If you don't and it doesn't clear, you'll notice the tire bending it back on it's own which should be clue 1.

On another note, I finally got to take mine out today after bringing it home. Put 150 miles on it and I've been riding it hard since I'm breaking it in. Fuel light came on at 134 miles and when I fueled up at 147 miles I put 3.59 gallons into it. I was averageing about 40mpg, far far far away from 65mpg.
How hard have you been riding? Above 5000 RPM? I have not been babying mine but have kept it between 4000 and 5000 RPM, mine has 275 miles. A couple short bursts above 5K but thats it. I dont want to ride too hard before the runn in check but want to set those rings for sure, dont want an oil burner.
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