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Back to the highwaydirtbikes stuff....

As posted, here's my new topclamp with the switches.

...but before I can mount it I need to put the risers on the bike.

Check these out... the design is spot on. It is incredibly strong because it uses four bolts instead of two!

The bottom of the riser is keyed and a perfect precise fit.

...notice that there are 2 holes?

The HDB setup uses BOTH sets of holes! (I think they have some sort of patent related to this?)

Then what happens up top is the front bolts go through the risers just like stock... but the rear bolts actually go through the risers and through the top clamp bolting the entire thing into one super-strong part

The bars then go up into the risers.

You can see there is also an integrated steering damper mount at the bottom.
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