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Originally Posted by toddler View Post
[This is for you Larry] Comparing the 500 to the te610 in terms of gearing. For technical riding I gear my 610 14/48. The 610 can chug down low much better but is no match for the 500 in the faster stuff and in regards to suspension. It isn't even a valid comparison. The 500 will allow such bigger hits without getting all wonky on you. Plus, the adjustment can give you plush in rocks and stability in big sand whoops. The 610 is just survival mode if you push it, the 500's limits are so far out their I will never see them. The 500 could use a lower gear for very technical stuff, but the clutch is good so you just abuse it. The 610 is less tiring than the 500, unless it is slow technical riding or fast with big hits, then the 500 all the way. The 500 has a higher top speed with its stock gearing, even in mild mode.

I'll be watching this thread. Keep it up Geek.

I always ran 14/45 on my 610 because of the super low first and it'd top out at 102 mph loaded.

I can see how more power and less weight can hide a taller first gear, like the XR650R's that I've owned.

Thanks for the info!!

Bike is looking awesome, Geek!!!

Hey Geek, to save yourself some trouble after many miles...cut a little chunk of vacuum tube, drop it into the cap for the fuse so that pressure is applied to the fuse when you snap the cap on.
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