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Hey Bob ~ I actually did at one point have an SV 650, a pretty blue nakkid 2001ish model. Unfortunately, my b/f at the time crashed it and financially I could not get back on one. But ya, I love those nakkid bikes.

RedBud ~ I saw your RR, I like it! I never thought there'd be some cool stuff out in Memphis, who knew? If I head that way I'll give you a holler. I've got some friends near Fayetteville, TN. thought I would ride out there in April before the Hot Springs or Spring Frolic. I'll see what develops, b/c I also need to fix my lil DR. It surges reallllllllyyyyyy bad. It is getting some luv'n this week.

BuBu ~ Thanks, I hope Iím on the right track.

Mtn Man ~ Citico? That sounds familiar. Citico Creek? I may be thinking of a Cherokee Natíl Forest area that Iíve ridden in. Iím sure weíll cross paths sometime. I plan on going to the Springs Fling at the Cabins in Nantahala in May.

_anatic ~ Oh ya, stayed dry. Nice and dry sunnin on the back porch in Chattanooga.
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