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so in simple terms

So in simple terms, troubleshooting a charging problem consists of:

1. Check the stator
Bike not running
1.a Check the three Stator wires in all combinations for resistance. (Currently getting 0.6)
1.b Check the three stator wires for a short by connecting to the stator wire and the engine? (all good here)

Bike started @ idling/3k rpm.
1.c Check the ACV being produced. Anything over 18+ is good (I measure 9.6, 9.6 and 10.6)

2. Check the R/R
Bike not running
2.a Measure battery voltage ....should be around 12.7v (12.4 battery fresh off the charger)

Bike started @ idling/3k rpm
2.b Measure battery voltage ...anything between 13.2 and 14.5 is good. (12.6 - 12.9 @ 4k rpm)
- Lower points to stator problem ?
- Higher points to R/R ?

And then from there you guys kind of lost me. I swear I heard the whistle as it went over my head. Joel mentioned something about testing the insulation resistance with a megger?? Can someone explain what a megger is?

any help appreciated. My scoot died whilst trying to dial in the suspension....Luckily it wasn't raining

So if I consider my diagnosis results, I'm looking at a toasted stator?

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