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[QUOTE=Donkey Hotey;18290928]Nope, 1980 had the DLS brake as well. My bike was 100% bone stock in 1982 and it had one.

You are correct of course. Thanks for pointing this out. In looking back through the parts manuals I saw that the 1980 YZ250 has the single shoe brake and the YZ465 got the DLS as you say. PO stuck a SLS on my '80 465 at some point. I updated my previous post to fix this error. I hope you and others will chime in when you see a mistake like this!

And that is a very cool picture of you from "back in the day". Funny how skinny all the kids were back then... even if I still had all my old gear I would never fit into it now!

I hope you will post more of your old photos if you may have. Especially on your 465!

Here is one of me from 1978 on a '78 YZ125... Bell Magnum helmet, Scott goggles and face mask, viking jersey, Malcolm Smith boots, rubber strips on gloves. The bike as that cool JT cable guard thingy and the foam do-dads to protect the fork sliders... and the dog leg levers.

I am pretty sure I'm racing with a knee brace, bandages and torn ligaments on that left knee (duh!) this day. Still have my hair (most of it anyhow) but it is all grey now

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