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This is going to be another epic Geek build thread!

A couple of questions and comments...

  • Where did you get the soft plastic insulated bullet connectors? I haven't found any local sources. I know Eastern Beaver sells them... I guess I should just order a set. Same question with fuse holder. You can get waterproof ones locally, but not as nice as the one you are using.

  • Did you figure out what your stock spring rate is and decide what spring you are going to go with?

  • Super clean job on the electrical wiring! If you are not using it already, try some of the epoxy lined shrink tubing. Great stuff, especially for exposed connections like on a bike. JB Saunders has it, and surprisingly, Harbor Freight also has an assorted size box that is super cheap when it is on sale (which is often).

  • A couple of things I didn't see on your "to-do" list. You probably are planning on them anyway... Scotts stabilizer (definitely!) and a bigger tank (definitely for the rides you like to take!)

  • I really like having a remote switch near my left hand for the 'mode' function of the stock KTM computer. The up/down trip odo buttons aren't all that useful unless you are doing a roadbook ride or some sort of enduro event, but being able to switch between the KTM computer modes easily is pretty nice. I'm probably in the minority, but I really like the stock KTM computer and even prefer it to the trailtech models. It's that unused four wire connector coming off the bottom of the computer. Colors seem to change every so often, but on many the below scheme is correct. Good luck finding a mating connector though unless you buy the tripmaster switch from KTM ($63 bucks list price!) I chop mine off and use a molex connector.
    green = ground
    yellow = mode/O
    blue = up/+
    brown = down/-

  • If you get the bike set up right, I don't think you need a fan override. Plus that circuit is always hot, though I guess the 500's now have a timed relay that kills all accessory power after something like 15 minutes?

  • I've run metal skidplates on all my previous dirt bikes, but I've heard good things about the KTM heavy plastic ones. There are pretty beefy frame rails underneath that will protect the bike (and the plate) against big hits, so it's mostly to deflect and distribute the impact of small and medium size rocks. Less weight, less noise, I'm going to try the one that came stock on my Six Days this season and see how it does.

  • This is what I understand about the mapping switch... Before you can adjust the mapping, you need to make sure the 'competition' map is loaded into the ECU. Then you have three mapping choices, one of which is the default map that you currently have. Being able to flatten out (detune) the power on the bike would probably be nice for technical riding. So really the questions are 1) how can you verify what ECU map is loaded into your computer, 2) verify that the competition map can be loaded if it is not, and 3) will FayMeyer (or perhaps a more KTM specific shop like Elite) load the competition map onto your ECU? I'd give Trailtech, Jeff at Slavens Racing, or Chip at Munn racing a call and see if they can verify. Also take a look at this Trailtech map switch page wich discusses it a bit. (EDIT: I see that Toddler added the map switch to his bike. Todd, did you have to load the competition map onto your CPU first?)
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