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Originally Posted by pfb View Post
This is what I understand about the mapping switch... Before you can adjust the mapping, you need to make sure the 'competition' map is loaded into the ECU. Then you have three mapping choices, one of which is the default map that you currently have. Being able to flatten out (detune) the power on the bike would probably be nice for technical riding. So really the questions are 1) how can you verify what ECU map is loaded into your computer, 2) verify that the competition map can be loaded if it is not, and 3) will FayMeyer (or perhaps a more KTM specific shop like Elite) load the competition map onto your ECU? I'd give Trailtech, Jeff at Slavens Racing, or Chip at Munn racing a call and see if they can verify. Also take a look at this Trailtech map switch page wich discusses it a bit. (EDIT: I see that Toddler added the map switch to his bike. Todd, did you have to load the competition map onto your CPU first?)
I was told the competition map was put in before I took delivery.
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