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Cry Big Job

Yep, you got it!

When I surveyed the job some while ago I felt the entire front end would drop down when you take that joint apart . In tact, the front end is pretty heavy. From memory here, I think you need to at least disconnect the calipers and remove the front wheel. Since the brake line incorporates the lower fork bridge which will drop away, I think you need to disconnect the brake line on the bridge as well. Bleed brakes upon reassembly. Finally, the forks might need to be removed and the shock disconnected at the bottom. Not sure about the last two. Therefore, Rescue Tape to the rescue.

Look at the fiche here:

Here's a thread I started. No real answers but note that even JVB thought it would be a difficult job.

Ask your dealer for an estimate and subtract the price of the whole ball joint part ($117.00; the gaiter is not available as a separate item - thanks BMW) to get a sense of how much time it would take an experienced tech with the proper tools. Shocking?

YMMV. Feel free to prove me wrong here .

Please update your findings and doings for the good of the order .
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