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Seriously? How did you keep from passing out?

I've heard a lot of descriptions regarding windshields, but never this one before. That's funny.

Well I think this problem was caused by low pressure which occured with some settings of the shield (not all!). The low-pressure seemed to pull the air out of my helmet when visor open. Excuse this clumsy explanation - English is not my mother tongue...

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Anyway, you've described all but the most important thing about yourself: your height. You're "inseam" has little to do with your helmet height while sitting. Unless you meant you were standing on the pegs.
So, how tall are you? What seat are you sitting on....stock high or low, or something custom? I have similar weight and inseam, but am 5'9" tall, on a Renazco modified seat that is actually 1/2" taller than stock high.

As I wrote my height is 181 cm. Don't know what exacly this is in English measurements (something about 6'?). My Seat is a little bit higher than stock I think (maybe about 2 cm).

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I have experienced none of the problems with the D3 which you have described. At least not, while wearing either of my Shoei helmets (RF1000 & Hornet). The D3 has been absolutely fantastic for me in any of the elevated positions beyond half way up.....whether tilted forward or aft.

Maybe its that Schuberth helmet that is causing the suffocation. Think I'll steer clear of those based on your description.

Experiences with windscreens are quite individual I think....

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