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First a thanks to all who contributed on this thread...fantastic bit of engineering information provided, and sure makes the decision tree a might bit easier for now...

In kind, about four weeks ago when I had interest in buying a couple of Shorai batteries for my KTM 690R and the BMW 1200GSadv, I went down to my local Savannah Batteries Plus franchise and inquired within...what I got both from a sales person and the manager was the following reasons why they do not and will not stock the Shorai or other Lithium Ion batteries:

1.) To start with, Federal laws (and some state laws) require large scale resellers of the the Lithium based batteries to set up a special process for
(a) storing old batteries
(b) transporting old batteries
NOTE: neither could tell me what defines a large scale reseller nor the exact statute of law governing disposing of used batteries.

2.) Because of the heat involved on differing Lithium Ion batteries in differing bikes, they won't take the liability of the battery bursting into flames...I was initially confused by this, but the manager knew about the Tesla Coupe and the fire damage as well as the overheating problem (the Coupe is now water cooled batteries I believe)...

3.) Most OEM car or motorcycle battery holders are too big for the Lithium Ion battery holders.

4.) And, lithium Ion batteries are typically a factor of 1.5x or greater in price compared to the standard battery as of right now...though business has been a bit off over the last 3 years, they have sold more of an inexpensive line of batteries and thus for the foreseeable future, they don't see how they would be able to sell higher quantities of a more expensive battery...
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