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great thread your work

anyway... i figured i'd have a bit of a poke around with a multimeter and see what i had....

you ready ?

ok... i rode 400km so the bike was hot... ambient temp 28.5 according to BMW...

i got home, stopped bike went and got my meter (cheaper 'dick smith electronics' (think radio shack i suppose) that ive had for a few year...measures just about everything.. started the bike and stuck it in the accessory port next to the ignition...

idle (approx 1100-1200rpm) : 14.27v
started to rev up to 3k rpm, fan kicked in, so with fan running at 3000 rpm : 14.12v
dropped back to idle with fan still running : 13.5v

let her idle for a min or so and fan shut off...reved back to 3000rpm without fan : 14.31v

dropped here back to idle and something weird happened... all i could get was 9.8v (reving or idle... )

switched here of, waited a minute, started... still could only get 9.8v

left her 5 mins, started, no fan connected meter and immediate reading was 13.8v, but this kept climbing over about 15 seconds of just iddling to 14.25v
reved to 3k, still no fan, 14.25v

so i figured i should go direct to the battery

went and fueled up so my fuel light wasnt on..

ripped the panel off, cleared away the dead bugs and fired her up again

28.0 degrees,

meter started at 13.1, but climbed constantly over about 20 seconds and stabilised at 14.31v
reved up to 3000 rpm : 14.33v
drop back to idle 14.33v (no change )

then just to prove the meter would display a different number
heated grips on : 14.26v
plus high beam 13.24v
plus fan kicked in 12.64v
high beam and heated grips off, fan still on : 13.55v
fan cut out : 14.33v


there you go..
she's a 2012 (about 4 months old..

i haven't gone looking for purple dots yet


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